Reliability Trial 2018

Sunday 28 January 2018

Start Withy Trees, Fulwood, PR2 8JE  9.00AM

Refreshments stop Claughton Village Hall LA29JY




Reliability Trial 2017 Report

This year we had 54 riders a few more than usual for the event. The Withy Trees where the temperature was 2C on a fairly bright morning which lasted for most of the event. Luckily the only ice and lying snow that the riders encountered  was on Bowland Knotts itself which is hardly surprising as the altitude is 422m or nearly 1400 feet.

The soup and tea this year was at Claughton Village Hall and provided the chance for everyone to warm up and refuel  especially after the long decent into Keasden and Wray, it also set them up for the final third of the course down the Lune Valley and across to the A6 and Preston.

A big thank you to all who rode, the details for the 2018 event are above.


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